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Out of School Care

Our Out of School Care (OSC) program spans over seven grades from kindergarten through grade six. This diverse age group enables the children to connect and learn from younger and older children as well as their own peers. 

Our play based program is Reggio-inspired and we use our core values Wonder, Love, Inspire as filters to determine the  materials and experiences we are going to provide. 


In OSC we value the outdoors, which is why we are outside every day in rain, snow or sunshine! We eliminate screen time to offer children a non-digitized world and to interact with the natural world around them. We facilitate challenging play, in which children learn to develop skills like assessing risk and problem solving.  


Our program encourages children to express themselves. Therefore we encourage children to explore art, reading, and dramatic and imaginative play. Additionally, we give children in OSC an athletic outlet to positively use their growing bodies to find out what they can do.  


We have primary care groups that allow staff to connect more closely with individual children in smaller settings. This allows children who feel stunned by large groups to be welcomed into the program and make friendships with less anxiety and pressure.  


Our faith plays a daily role in our programming. We participate in weekly chapels and daily devotions that equip the children to handle real life challenges and encourage them to make God-honoring decisions.  


OSC explores the lower mainland on field trips during Professional Development days, Spring Break and Summer Break. This gives the children opportunity to explore the community around them.


Overall, the OSC program fosters an environment where children are safe, welcomed, and challenged to explore their limits, mentally and physically.

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