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Group Care

Where 3 to 5 year olds can build friendships and explore new activities that build on their social and emotional development through play-based learning.  Throughout our day, there are opportunities to play, create and build both inside and outside, whether it is with physical or imaginative items.  We encourage the use of their imagination and take the time to observe their interests to further add to our daily activities.

We believe that being outside is important for the healthy growth and development of the children. Therefore, we ask that children are prepared for all outdoor weather.  We also love to incorporate a wide variety of sensory exploration, whether it is sand, water, paint, or slime, to name a few.  This often leads to messy play with: mud, finger painting or water colours.

We encourage the children to socialize and communicate with their peers as well as their caregivers. This helps to grow their language and their problem solving skills. Building friendships,  helps to grow their empathy towards others and makes coming to Group Care much more fun, knowing that your buddy will be there to share in all the moments with you.  These moments may include a walk to the park, a quiet book or a giggling circle time.

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