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Infant - Toddler

Children need to feel loved and cared for, safe and secure, and be in an environment that will encourage and foster their overall growth and development. We at Hilltop Christian Childcare Center, value children's individuality and see them as fully capable people, able to learn and develop at their own pace.


Having a mixed group of ages, in our Infant Toddler program, gives opportunities for the older toddlers to practice empathy, compassion, and sharing with the younger ones. There is also opportunity for practicing self-help skills, such as, putting on their own coat, washing their hands, and learning to toilet train.


In addition to this, we love to experience nature and will venture out on neighbourhood walks. We also enjoy our own playground with the climbers, bikes, balls, sand and water table. For our indoor activities, we often bring a wide variety of materials into the center to explore, play and create with. During the day, we do "circle time" with the children, which provides ample opportunities for them to sing and dance. This is where the children are free to express themselves through music and movement, story telling and songs.


With all of this in mind, we remember to wonder often, be inspired and love always.

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